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Finding the Funny in every Fight

Meet Adam Lee Sietz, the driving force behind Comedyation.










From Salesman to the Stage, Adam Lee Sietz is an internationally acclaimed Performer, Author, Speaker, and Artist. He has an extremely diverse skill set. As an award-winning actor, comedian, writer, and Neurodiverse individual, Adam has made his mark on Broadway, Academy Award-nominated films, Emmy-winning series, International ad campaigns, and blockbuster video games. 


Adam's journey has been one of pitfalls, triumphs, and self-transformation, shedding 170 lbs. along the way.  With passion, enthusiasm, and a knack for helping people resolve their battles, Adam will help you find peace, love, and happiness.  With a strong background in comedy, experience in dealing with conflict in the moment...on stage. and a passion for comedy, Comedyation brings a fresh perspective to resolve disputes with humor.

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Meet Our Comedyators

Our team of mediators is so good at what they do; they can make even your worst dad jokes sound like comedy gold. With backgrounds in stand-up and mediation, we've got a knack for finding humor in life's toughest situations. Get ready to meet the people who can turn your conflicts into comedic triumphs!"

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     Adam Lee Sietz                              Pat Battistini                                    Carl Kissin                            Michael Panzeca

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    Adrianne Frost                                  Jim Conroy                                   Dave Koenig                            Buddy Bolton

Our Clients

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